#ITSNOTOK and #ItStillMatters. It’s not Ok that people are sexually abused, as a child, as an adult, by another child, by an adult. Whenever you were abused, it still matters. You matter. Help is out there.

In collaboration with Safeline and with the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) I did an interview with a journalist from The Sun recently. You can see it and hear the video here

I’ve also done a podcast with Jess, Ian, Faye and Sophie, celebrating Breaking the Silence around abuse.

You can listen to the warm, passionate and compassionate Neil Henderson, CEO of the wonderful charity Safeline describing Safeline’s fantastic specialist services for survivors, including the National Male Helpline.

You can listen to Beth describing her Role as an ISVA on our podcast.

Whether you were abused yourself, support or work with someone who was abused, help is out there. For more information on helplines and support groups, look here.

#Itsnotok #itstillmatters

Recovery is possible