Comments from visitors to the site

Hi Janet, thank you so much for sharing your story and making it available on a website for others to read and take inspiration from. I love your analogy of the jigsaw and finding that you are the picture on it that you have been searching to find.


This site is  a fantastic resource for survivors of abuse and those who work with them.  There does not seem to be many voices of survivors heard and the inspiring content will be of enormous help to those survivors struggling with their own personal journeys towards healing.

From Geri at Supportline


This is a wonderful website – you should be very proud. A survivor of familial abuse myself I can relate to your story. You are a Warrior! I understand what it takes to survive and then to recover – it is described as an Odyssey. I am now at the stage where I am robust enough to speak out publicly – in fact, I have done via a booklet and art exhibitions.
There are men that are decent.
For me I found God – not as it happens via a recognised religion but as a spirit that exists in life. I know that CSA does not touch the soul. Your soul remains pure.