Resources for male survivors

I thought it would be helpful to have a page for male survivors to find help and information.

If you know of any other resources, please let me know by using the form on the “Contact us” page.

You can listen to male survivors of sexual abuse talking about their experiences in these two podcasts, Challenging the silence and From struggle to recovery



A charity based in Warwick, providing many services for people who have experienced or who are at risk of sexual abuse. Safeline also provides the National Telephone Helpline for Male Survivors on 0808 800 5005

Survivors Uk 

“At SurvivorsUK we know male sexual abuse has profound effects on those who experience it and can deeply affect their mental health and relationships. But we are here to help sexually abused men as well as their friends and family, no matter when the abuse happened, and challenge the silence and attitudes”. SurvivorsUK run the National Online Helpline for Male Survivors find them here Online helpline

The Male Survivors Partnership website is “a space that’s been developed to provide information and support to organisations working with male victims/survivors of sexual abuse, rape and sexual exploitation; and provide male survivors themselves with a single point reference to national and local support services”.

Includes, “The Humen Space”, “Anonymous and non-clinical safe spaces for men to talk, listen and connect on a regular basis across the UK.”


Based in Brighton, Mankind provides support for men affected by unwanted sexual experiences.

Survivors Manchester

Don’t Panic, We’re Here and Not Going Anywhere

These are strange times, there’s no disputing that, but we will get through this. Our work has focused on supporting individuals to #BreakTheSilence and this is no different.

If you have any queries or worries, you can talk to any of the team, but as the Operations Director, Chris is always available to sort out anything that needs sorting.


We’re all in this together at Survivors Manchester and we’ll all come out of it stronger together

Stay safe, follow the rules and be kind to yourself and each other. (A message from the CEO, Duncan)


A new site with self-help resources and information for the 1 in 6 men who have had unwanted sexual experiences.

You don’t just have to live with it. There are things you can do. There are people who can help.

moMENtum is a mutual support group for male survivors of childhood sexual abuse. We meet as equals for support and to gain an understanding of ourselves and to share information and resources.
Knowing how difficult it is, is why we are here.
As survivors ourselves, we know how difficult it can be to disclose sexual abuse and find the support you need. You will always be in control of what you say, we don’t pry, everything is at your pace and about healing from the effects of trauma and abuse. We understand it may have been a long journey to get to this point today, viewing our website and if finding support and understanding in our society and services has not been easy, many of us have found that too and that’s why we are here. In the absence of support, we began to support ourselves now in our 8th year. We have all been abused but we meet because we want to heal, find joy and ease in our lives, to be ourselves and know what that is for us.

Thank you John, for contacting me via the Contact Us page to let me know about this important support group based in Devon.


Victims no longer“, by Mike Lew

My thanks to Alex Feis-Bryce and to Greg for their suggestions

Listen to Alex’s podcast, “Challenging the silence

Listen to Greg’s podcast, “From struggle to recovery