Websites, helplines and other resources for survivors

This page has websites, helplines and other resources for survivors to find help and information.

If you need urgent help, contact Samaritans, you can call 116 113 for free

If you know of any other resources, please let me know by using the form on the “Contact us” page.


Safeline is an independent and non-discriminatory charity that provides specialist, tailored support for anyone affected by sexual abuse and rape and works to prevent CSE with children and young people at risk.
We support everyone regardless of age, gender/gender identity, gender reassignment, sexual orientation, marital status, ethnicity, religion/faith, pregnancy and maternity status or disability or position in life, as well as families and friends of people who have been abused. We do this by providing a wide range of services that meets the diverse needs of all our clients and offers them choice on how they want to access that support. Our services are free, unlimited and available to everyone, whether or not the abuse has been reported and regardless of when it happened.

The Flying Child

An excellent new website, set up by Sophie, “The Flying Child challenges the stigma and shame of child sexual abuse (CSA). Breaking the silence creates space for change”.

You can hear Sophie in our podcast here. 

Take Cover

A website set up in 2019 by Pauline Sharp, who says: I seek to provide a space for women and men in their journey of recovery from sexual abuse – whether that be from child sexual abuse, child exploitation, domestic abuse, or sexual assault as an adult. My aim is to give people a space to be able to feel safe and not alone, to be able to gather tools in abundance to support their recovery.  I want to empower and give positive affirmations that you can take away and embrace in your own healing. I will offer this space as peer to peer support. Where you can come in and take cover.  My background comes from a place of lived experience. To raise awareness is essential to prevent any forms of sexual abuse and its devastating impact on victims, families, and communities. To ensure the safety of our children today tomorrow and in the future.


We offer confidential emotional support to children, young adults and adults by telephone, email and post. We work with callers to develop healthy, positive coping strategies, an inner feeling of strength and increased self esteem to encourage healing, recovery and moving forward with life. We also keep details of counsellors, agencies and support groups throughout the UK.

Survivors of Abuse – SOB

‘This charity runs highly recommended courses for survivors of childhood abuse. Developed by Chris Tuck, Consultant to IICSA, these holistic courses teach caring for your physical and mental wellbeing and learning techniques to make permanent, valuable life changes.’

SOB says: Our mission is to empower adult victims/survivors helping them transform their lives holistically through mindset, nutrition and fitness. SOB supports adult victim/survivors who have experienced any form of abuse, individually or collectively

Offside Trust

Supporting survivors of child sexual abuse in sport.

Survivors in Transition

This is an organisation for adult survivors who live in the Suffolk area.

A very safe welcome to Survivors in Transition.
You are not alone.
We understand how much courage it has taken to access our website, with this in mind we have tried our best to make it as safe, useful and supportive for you as possible.

You’ve made a big step in your healing and towards breaking free from your abuse by just being here.

You really are an inspiration – you are breaking the silence and remember – it is NOT your shame.

The Survivors Trust Uk

National Umbrella Agency
The Survivors Trust is a national umbrella agency for over 125 specialist voluntary sector agencies throughout the UK and Ireland providing a range of counselling, therapeutic and support services working with women, men and children who are victims/survivors of rape, sexual violence and sexual abuse. The organisation aims to offer a national collective voice to support and empower survivor groups, to educate and inform acknowledgment of and response to sexual abuse on a local and national level. To find support in your area, try The Survivors Trust link above.

Swept under the carpet

A collection of blogs exploring issues faced by survivors of child sexual abuse.

Life continues after

Life Continues After is a communal space for survivors of sexual trauma – featuring advice, articles and arts. We’re here to show that life does continue after.

Sexual Assault in ride-sharing

A guide to safer ride-sharing from an American law firm which contacted me via the website. A resource which is not directly linked to the rest of my site but is relevant to keeping ourselves safe.