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Episode 19 More Q and A

Questions from Safeline counsellors:  includes me talking about waiting, the inner child, triggers, dual attention, taking back control.

This is the second part of two recordings of a new training session for counsellors at Safeline, which are hosted by Meena Kumari of Hope Training.

I began by sharing My Story, spoken. This is a shortened version of My Story, which you can read on this site.

The participants then ask me questions, which I do my best to answer.

The questions are asked by the participants, or read from the Chat by Liz, from Safeline.

The first question is around the subject of “waiting”. I wrote a blog about, “The weight of waiting“, about my feelings while I was waiting for the police to get back to me about their investigations. I talk about waiting for the next incident when I was a child.

I also talk about my inner children, or “me s”, as I call mine. I have used various physical representations of the different me s, including toys that I bought and small pictures that I drew to help me to feel comfortable with them. With my psychologist, I used a sheet of A3 paper with drawings of things and people and animals that created a safe place.

I talk about a recent situation which one of my little me s had found triggering and how I dealt with that.

I describe, “dual attention”, which means having one foot in the past, maintaining a presence in the present. This helps the client to remain safe while working through traumatic events.

Another question is about the effects of abuse following us into adulthood and where is my inner child in relation to my adult self. I talk about uncertainty and powerlessness being triggering. I use avoidance, in a healthy way, to keep myself safe and grounded. This is very different from the avoidance I practised as a child, when I had no control over what I was doing.

You can listen to the first half of this session here, Episode 18 New Q and Ahttps://www.recovery-from-child-sexual-abuse.org.uk/episode-18-new-q-and-a/

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The journey to recovery from child sexual abuse or any other form of abuse or trauma, is long and painful. However you choose to find support and help on that journey, it is worth it. There is hope for recovery.

Thank you for listening.

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Janet lives in Warwickshire, in the UK. She has put this website together to share her experiences of being sexually abused as a child, the effects of that abuse, and her journey to recovery.