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Sometimes I got lost in the maelstrom of memories

My mind and body catapulted back to times

I strove to forget

But that are


In my soul.

Desperately, I tried to quench the furnace of pain with



The unfathomable hole that lurked deep within.


I kept your secrets

Locked deep in my jaws

For years

And years

And years.


I speared my soul with the

Guilt that was yours

With the

Shame that I took on

For you.


You, who were oblivious to me as a person.

You, who were totally undeserving of my efforts to protect you.

You, who never saw me;

Only a plaything, a toy, an object

To be done to.


But now,

The words have flowed.

The omerta has been broken.

The chains of your silence are smashed.


People have listened

People have believed

I am no longer alone

I am believed.


And you?

You are evil, guilty, shameful and shameless.

You do not have the right to decide what I say.

You are nothing.


I am everything.

I am me.

I am proud.

I am here.

And I’m not going away.


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